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Winter Storm Update

First of all my apologies for not getting this out sooner.  After the storm, events have been evolving quickly and it has been a bit like "Whack-a-Mole". I think most everyone is in a state of shock over what has happened, but we are an amazing and resilient group.  

The current facts are:

- We were witness to an unprecedented situation of high tides, high winds and huge waves that the break water could not hold back nor the dock survive. 

- From what we can understand the west most section of the dock broke away under the onslaught, taking our boats with it.   The boats and dock eventually smashed into the pier and broke through.

- All of our boats are gone.  They are either beached with sever damage or sunk as follows:

Sharqui, White Swan and Peak Time are beached https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV_ybzKv3W0&authuser=0

> Lightcure is in small bits on the east side of the pier, halfway down

Pegasus is under the pier, closer to the beach

Yknot and Frankie are missing

- The action was so violent that motor mounts sheared off. 

- Please be aware - as owners we are responsible for the removal and disposal of the damaged boat.

- At this point, the incident is being viewed as an "Act of God", therefore WRHB or the City of White Rock would have no liability for what happened. 

- The Coast Guard checked on general safety, pulled some boats out from under the pier and checked for large fuel spills.  See the WHRB Boat Status listing below for details. 

- The attached link contains photos and videos taken by Dean Donnelly from the CSAR. It provides some insight into the fate of some of the boats and what happened. 


 - The City arranged with a towing company (Stevestons Water Taxi) to pull a number of boats that weres still floating, to the east dock and tie them up there. Not one is a LMYC boat to the best of our knowledge.

- Earlier  today (Sunday) we were notified that the City had arranged to have the beached boats (White Swan, Peak Time, and Sharqui) removed from the beach as they were potential safety risks.

Our immediate actions are: 

- Some of our members jumped into immediate action to salvage gear off the damaged boats Day I.  Kudos to each and everyone of them. 

- Claude has already contacted our insurance company and started the claim process.  We have full coverage (Boat Damage + Liability) on the 2 diesel boats (White Swan and Yknot).  The initial assessment is we will receive the policy replacement cost for the two boats.  

- All of our boats had liability insurance.  This policy will hopefully cover the removal and disposal of the damaged / sunk boats. 

- Ross is reaching out to the City to see next steps from their perspective, as well as offer our assistance to clean up the beach area.

- JP reached out to the membership to assist in the salvage and beach clean up.  In the true spirit of the LMYC, we had a great turn out and it was most appreciated by both the City and the WRHB. 

- I'm working with the WRHB 

- We've had a fair amount of media coverage by CBC, CTV, Global.  And, Pacific Yachting has interviewed us for a story for the February edition

- We've received very generous offers of support and assistance from the Barnet Sailing Coop, Waterline Coop. Surrey Sailing Club, Crescent Beach Sailing Club, and the Mud Bay Yacht Club.  Mud Bay, for example, has waived our 2019 fees, offered to arrange for their members with power boats to get us out to the dock, etc.  The sailing community is truly amazing in these times. 

Next Steps

- Susan is arranging for a General Meeting at the Rotary Club > we are currently scheduling for Saturday, January 5th, at 07:00PM to give us all chance to get together and work on the path forward to rebuilding the LMYC.  

- The current estimate is that we will have around  $50K in the bank roughly + $50K insurance  less expenses to rebuild the fleet.  

- We are already looking for boats, but our bigger challenge is going to be where to moor them.  The immediate and obvious options are Blaine, Semi-ah-moo, Crescent, & Point Roberts.  Plus, outstation moorage (e.g. English Bay, Gulf Island, Sidney, Lund, etc.) Each one comes with it's pros and cons.  But more on that when we meet. 

Once again, a huge thank you to all that have gone down to the boats already in the true spirit of the Coop.  I'm sure for all of you that the LMYC was much more than just sailing.  It was family, it was friendship, it was learning, it was a new experience every time out.  We will move forward!  Stay tuned for updates as we progress to LMYC 2.0.   

Your Executive Team

WRHB Boat Status Update as of this morning (Sunday)

Boat Name   Boat Type
Affinis Sunk just east of the gap in pier Sail
Asylum Unknown - believed sunk Sail
CLVL Safe, minimal damage; Currently in Blaine Sail
Coda Safe, minimal damage; Currently in Blaine Sail
Drambuie Safe, unknown damage; Currently in Blaine Power
Energy Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Esquire Floating, badly damaged; Currently at East Dock Sail
Frankie Beached Sail
Full Monkey Floating but has extreme damage; Currently in Blaine Sail
Haven Safe, minimal damage; Currently in Blaine Power
LeCure Safe, minimal damage; Currently in Blaine Sail
Light Cure Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Lucy Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Monaco Unknown - believed sunk Power
Nicrew Hull breached and partially submerged hanging from West Float Power
No Rush Safe, minimal damage; Currently in Blaine Sail
Peak Time Beached Sail
Pegasus Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Penzance Unknown dmage, appears safe; Currently at West Dock Sail
Pot Luck Was not at dock at time of storm Power (2x Wide)
Puffin Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Sandpiper Floating, badly damaged; Currently at East Dock Sail
Sharqui Beached Sail
Shaula II Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Shearwater Floating, badly damaged; Currently at East Dock Sail
Sundancer Floating, damage unknown; Currently at East Dock Sail
Thin Ice Sunk – stuck in pier Sail
White Swan Unknown - believed sunk Sail
Wiki Wiki Sunk – stuck in pier Sail
YNOT Unknown - believed sunk Sail
zTBD Did not have a boat at the dock at the time of the storm Sail